Architectural Studio
Brooklyn New York

Savaskan is a practicing architect with extensive experience visualizing design concepts and bringing schemes to life through dynamic representations and drawings. He is well versed in creating design documents at all phases from the conceptual level to construction. Savaskan has leveraged his expertise in international competitions by approaching creative solutions from a diverse range of scales, such as city planning, urban design, architectural design, and renovation, as well as interior design and graphic design.

His professional experience includes working for internationally renowned architects and firms such as Peter Eisenman (Eisenman Architects) and currently working as an Associate at Handel Architects designing high-rise, mixed-use towers in New York City and California. In his independent practice, Savaskan focuses on design competitions. Since founding his practice, Savaskan has teamed up with designers, architects, landscape architects and artists and won more than a dozen competitions in architecture, planning and sustainability. His research interests includes architectural history and contemporary aesthetic theories with a focus on defining emerging topological forms and their perception in architectural space.

Savaskan holds a Master of Architecture degree from Syracuse University School of Architecture in New York and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Italy and Turkey. Savaskan is a Registered Architect and member of American Institute of Architects. He has taught at Syracuse University School of Architecture and Parsons School of Design.

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