NY Film Academy, occupies the space next to the historical Tammany Hall on Union Square NYC. The project carefully examines the pedesterian movement throughout the Union Square and in the complex underground subway system. The view corridors, gathering spaces, iconic buildings on the site considered to create a continuity between the Union Square, Tammany Hall and the proposed NY Film Academy. The project creates a dialog between the 3 zones. The Past - Tammany Hall (the existing NY Film Academy), The Present - The public promenade opens up and createas a continuum from the Union Square and The Future - the proposed new NY Film Academy building. Project examines the needs of the program for the academy and suggest possible topological formal possibilities that can create a dynamisim in the building experience. The resulting form creates a dynamic experience through a continuous surface which creates the inner facade and the ground by responding all the field gradients; views, movement and program blurring the differences between the outside and inside spaces by employing topological thinking.


Ryan R. Ludwig


Syracuse University School of Architecture

Master of Architecture program

Master Thesis Project